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The Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of members elected from within the parish and a part-time clerk.

The Parish Council represents the lowest tier of local government and is drawn from the electorate of the village.

Funding is by precept levied on households within the village. The council’s powers are limited to local issues, and the representation of villagers’ views to the principal authority.

Cllr Sandra van Oosterhout - Chair

I joined the parish council in 2015, after having helped for a number of years with the community planting in the village, and my main motivation was wanting to become more involved in the community, and just doing my bit to keep Elsham the lovely village that it is. I think the thing that gives me greatest pleasure is seeing an idea in someone’s mind coming to fruition and benefitting others – for example, turning the phone box into a flower display, having a village Heritage Board, a free library, and the wonderful flower displays that we fund throughout the village, culminating in several wins for Best Kept Village. It is a rewarding volunteer role and one that brings a lot of satisfaction.

T: 01652 681899 / 07817 530705
A: 3 Doll Lane, Elsham DN20 0RR

Cllr Andrew Horner - Vice Chair

T: 01652 680471
A: Appletree Cottage, 9 New Street, Elsham DN20 0RW

Cllr Sarah Burton - Parish Councillor

I became a proud parish Councillor in October 2021 here in Elsham & I’m thoroughly enjoying pledging myself to try & make a difference to the local community by ensuring the village gets the right services;helping shape the neighbourhood by driving new ideas & influencing decisions for the bennifits of the place & people. I enjoy organising events & it fills me with glee when so many people enjoy themselves,& I look forward to contributing to more local celebrations.

T: 07962 385717
17 Church Street, Elsham DN20 0RG

Cllr Steve Moir

Parish Councillor
T: 01652 681899 / 07817 530705
A: 19 Church Street, Elsham DN20 0RG

Cllr Jane Ewen - Parish Councillor

I joined the parish council in 2020 as I wanted to help in the village. One of my responsibilities is the Nature Reserve, which I love – I go every day with my dog and love to see people from the village and visitors enjoying it. I’ve helped with the recent village events and various projects such as the book exchange and the herb garden and taken part in the Speedwatch initiative and in training for keeping the play park safe for users.
T: 0798944013
A: 11 Church Street, Elsham DN20 0RG

Cllr Mark Wood

Parish Councillor
T: 07908 410582
28 Church Street, Elsham DN20 0RG

Ward Councillors

Cllr N Sherwood

T: 07788 910332


A: The Orchards, Barton Road, Wrawby DN20 8SH

Cllr C Sherwood

T: 07789 991818


A: 25 Manley Gardens, Brigg DN20 8LW

Cllr R Waltham

T: 07977 987903


A: 36 Bigby High Road, Brigg DN20 9HD